Barnyard Banter

Barnyard Banter

Barnyard Banter is a fun and educational game designed for young children.

Press the animal shapes or the tractor to hear the sound they make.

The game is covered in foam padding.

If it hasn’t been played with for a little while, the game will randomly play one of its noises to attract children. This game is great at any soft play centre or nursery and it’s designed to be wall mounted.

Other Themes:

Other themes are available such as cars and trucks, space, city sounds and jungle animals. If we can draw the shapes and record the sounds we can make it!


Width100 cm
Height50 cm
Thickness20 cm
Weight15 kg
Note: All dimensions and weights are approximate

Power Requirements:

Input Voltage: 90 – 264 VAC
Input Power: < 49 Watts
Fuse – Mains Lead: 3 Amp

Barnyard Banter has an IEC socket that can be mounted either on the bottom or the back and a mains lead is provided with a UK style mains plug. Other types of mains leads can be supplied on request.

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