Crack The Code

Crack The Code

Crack The Code is a fun mental challenge game.

When the start button is pressed a secret colour code is locked into each player’s buttons. Each player must now try and guess the code whilst racing against the clock.

First to Crack The Code wins – it’s harder than it looks! This game is particularly suited to Crystal Maze type challenge events.

Suitable for teenagers and adults and great at any fun day, corporate event, wedding, youth club, birthday party or any other event you may be having. Crack The Code is build into a sturdy flight case with a removable lid and is mains powered.

Total duration of the game play is 60 seconds resulting in a new set of contestants approximately every minute. Total throughput is 120 players (60 games) per hour.

Tournament Suggestions:

Crack The Code can be used in a number of ways.

  • A single player races against the clock to see how high of a score they can get.
  • People randomly play the game, as each game is finished a new set of players take over.
  • Knockout Tournament – contestants pair up and the winner progresses to the next round with a grand final at the end.
  • Winner Stays On – the winner of each game stays on playing all comers until they in turn are beaten.

Game Dimensions:

Cased For TransportReady For Play
Width:50 cm50 cm
Length:100 cm100 cm
Depth:18 cm10 cm
Weight:15 kg13 kg
Note: All dimensions and weights are approximate

Power Requirements:

Input Voltage:90 – 264 VAC
Input Power:< 49 Watts
Fuse – Mains Lead:3 Amp

Crack The Code has an IEC socket mounted on one side and a mains lead is provided with a UK style mains plug. Other types of mains leads can be supplied on request.

For more information or to purchase a Crack The Code game please contact us on +44 (0) 7775 781530, email us at or press the button.