Stop The Clock

Stop The Clock is one of our simplest to understand games and also one of the hardest to master. All you have to do is press the big red button once to start the timer and then press the button a second time to stop the clock EXACTLY 10.00 seconds later, what could be simpler!

Should you manage to stop on exactly 10.00 seconds the game display freezes on the winning time giving you plenty of time to leap up and down and make sure that all your friends or colleagues know how awesome you are! Ideal for drumming up trade by offering a discount or prize such as a free drink to any winners. At any time the game can be restarted by pressing the big red button.

Looks so simple yet very difficult to win so ensuring that players want to keep playing as they must manage it next time! And before you ask it is possible to stop it on exactly 10.00 seconds, I did manage it once but only once!


Width:45 cm
Length:50 cm
Height15 cm (23 cm cased)
Weight:10 kg
Note: All dimensions and weights are approximate

Power Requirements:

Input Voltage:90 – 264 VAC
Input Power:36 Watts

Stop The Clock has an IEC socket mounted on one side and a mains lead is provided with a UK style mains plug. Other types of mains leads can be supplied on request.

For more information or to purchase Stop The Clock please contact us on +44 (0) 7775 781530, email us at or press the button.