Wet Weather Programme

Not every camp is blessed with warm sunny days. What do you do with 100’s of participants when the heavens open and all of your hard work planning fantastic activities is washed away?

WibbleJelly Games have a Wet Weather Programme In A Box that will keep 500 participants occupied for 3 hours. All that is needed is some mess tents, marquees and our box for 3 hours of fun in the dry.

The box contains lots of fun activities that everyone knows such as Bingo along with more unusual games such as Cows and Leopards and naval battle games. We provide all of the printed game sheets, counters, dice and even the pencils to quickly start the fun.

We also bring along refill packs of the games if more than 1 session is rained off.

Please contact us to discuss a custom quote for activities to best suit your event on +44 (0) 7775 781530, email us at info@wibblejellygames.com or press the button.